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Your liver — the organ VITAL to dozens of critical functions that keep your body healthy — is also the ONLY organ that can completely regenerate itself. Yes, despite DECADES of neglect, your liver can heal, repair, and restore itself as if NOTHING ever happened. And it can do all this in a matter of DAYS, thanks to the Heal Your Whole Body plan!

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With a simple, easy-to-follow program of healing foods and proven therapies, the Heal Your Whole Body power plan was specifically designed to accelerate the removal of PHYSICAL toxins from your liver, PLUS help you erase the TOXIC EMOTIONS from your life.

The result is a healthy, strong, energized body; a slimmer profile; and a calmer, more relaxed, happier you for life! And it all happens by enjoying delicious meals and snacks! Heal Your Whole Body is the absolute ESSENCE of simplicity.

Reclaim your health with delicious SUPERFOODS!
Now, thanks to research, scientists have identified certain superfoods that help cleanse and detox your body like never before. Inside Heal Your Whole Body, you’ll find a complete list of body-cleansing superfoods. And you'll be shocked by how many delicious choices you have every day!

Lower cholesterol up to 30 percent without drugs! Ordinary ginger can help your liver cleanse itself naturally. It's smart. It's safe. And it works. Learn more now!

Grill up some good health!

Grill up some good health! Do you love a juicy steak? It turns out that certain types of beef (named on page 55) can boost the level of a specific nutrient that turbocharges detox!

Turn away toxins with avocado! These creamy green treats are positively bursting with vitamin C, which stimulates powerful healing and cleansing antioxidant production; and they help capture and eliminate heavy metal toxins!

Wash away sleeplessness. According to the University of Birmingham in England, the all-natural water remedy on page 190 is so effective, it soothes your nervous system and helps your liver in its detoxification process.

Is your digestion in a pickle? Banish gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and indigestion — with a pickle! Thanks to its fermentation, the common green pickle is an excellent food source of healthy-digestion probiotics.

Breathe a sigh of sinus relief. Turn to page 122 to discover the miracle herb that helps erase your worst sinus problems! Research shows that this all-natural herb is so powerful, it may even help control blood sugar in type 2 diabetics and protect against liver disease!

Spinach and Mushroom Omelet ... Simple Thai Chicken Curry ... Cinnamon Baked Apples with Pecans … these are just a few of the 60 easy, fast, mouthwatering recipes you can test in your own kitchen — FREE for 21 days!

Imagine healing your liver and losing up to 13 pounds with recipes like these!

This is NOT dieting; it’s LIVING! During your 12 days on the Heal Your Whole Body program, you’ll discover a delicious new way of eating with 60 fast, easy recipes your whole family will love!

You’ll love flavorful Mahi Mahi in Cilantro Curry Sauce.
Roasted Asparagus is a liver-cleansing superstar.
Curry Squash Soup with Coconut Milk is warmly comforting.

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