The Smart Shopper's Supermarket Guide
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Cut your grocery bill in HALF when you use this one simple checkout secret. Your waistline will be happier, too. Page 22

Best day of the week to shop — studies prove it's less crowded and you'll be MUCH less tempted to buy cookies and chips. Amazing. Page 19

The sneaky casino trick that supermarkets use to get you to buy more junk food. Never fall for it again. Page 19

Self-checkout or cashier? Surprising secret reduces your risk of buying a sabotaging sweet treat by a whopping 80%! Page 21

Why you should NEVER use a basket when you shop. Page 20

The LAST thing you should buy before you check out — good to know when making your shopping list. Page 20

Top 20 antioxidant foods of all time. They pack more antioxidant power per bite than you'd imagine! Page 23

15 foods that you should ONLY buy organic. Nonorganic is literally poison to your body. Page 21

And that's just the beginning!

Hands-On Healing
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The neck massage that soothes away chronic neck pain — real help if you work in front of a computer all day! Page 12

The tennis ball secret that releases tension, unravels knots, and makes you feel oh so good. Page 10

Who needs a massage therapist when you have this indulgence waiting? Page 10

10-minute leg massage reduces inflammation and speeds healing: It all starts with a little foam roller. Pages 7–9

How to ease yourself into a massage — harder isn't always better for your muscles. Page 6

The best foot massage of your life — with a golf ball! No joke. This really works! Page 11

Face and hair massage secrets help promote shiny hair and radiant skin. Pure heaven! Pages 12–13

But that's not all! You'll also discover soothing massage and acupressure remedies for headaches, toothaches, denture pain, shin splints, side stitches, pink eye, nighttime cramps, and so much more.

Powerhouse Drinks
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If you are one of the 7 in 10 of us who don't eat enough fruits and vegetables, then you're missing out on nutrients essential to your health! But now, you can make up for your "produce deficit" in the quickest, most delicious way ever: rich, wholesome, mouthwatering smoothies! From quick-starting your morning to melting away weight to providing powerful nutrition on the go, these 15 easy and irresistible blends pack a bigger nutritional punch than any drink you've ever had, anywhere! Here's what others have told us:

"I have this for breakfast every morning. It gives me my morning start."

"Tastes decadently rich but is low-calorie and healthy."

"This smoothie helped me lose weight. Since I'm always on the go, it was easier just to grab and go."

"This recipe makes a wonderfully thick and tasty smoothie, which easily substitutes for milk shakes and ice cream. Making this switch was easy."

"This makes a sweet, filling meal without sugar ... [and] satisfies my desire for something sweet."


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