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Now, there's ONE solution for ALL these conditions! They all link back to one single (very fixable) problem. And you can erase them all at once in just 12 days — it's TRUE! The greatest health turnaround you can experience starts with your LIVER!

Your liver is the most neglected, ignored, and MIRACULOUS organ in your whole body. Now (thanks to a breakthrough new plan from the publishers of Prevention magazine) you can completely repair and regenerate it and banish a host of chronic symptoms in just 12 days.

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The Heal Your Whole Body plan was developed by Frances Murchison, HHC, AADP, the founder of Mindfullyfed and a board-certified holistic health counselor who has coached hundreds of individuals and groups to stronger, happier, more active lives through healthy eating. And now, this renowned expert's advice has been distilled into one amazing volume, to help you detox your liver and rejuvenate your whole body!

Martha Victor

Your liver is responsible for DOZENS of functions that keep your body strong and healthy. This powerhouse is VITAL for weight loss, digestion, blood sugar and hormonal balance, brainpower, immunity, energy, your heart and arteries, and even your emotional health!

That's why your liver should be your #1 priority to restore your overall health. And now, with Heal Your Whole Body, you can learn how to treat your weight, joints, blood sugar, mood, and heart and arteries ALL at the SAME TIME — by healing your liver! And all in a matter of days!

It's as easy as savoring a delectable diet of cleansing, purifying SUPERFOODS and nutrients. With every irresistible bite, you'll be flooding your body with the essential nutrients it needs to help cleanse your liver, remove toxins, erase stubborn fat, and restore your glowing good health. Inside Heal Your Whole Body, you'll discover a delicious new way of eating, including 60 easy, fast, fabulous recipes your whole family will love — and you'll love the amazing results!

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